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Terms & Conditions of Service

Below are the terms and conditions of my offerings; please take a moment to read them prior to our sessions together.


All consultations with me are held in the strictest confidence.
 All of my clients are treated with the utmost sensitivity and respect. If specialist information is sought, I will aim to direct you to any relevant resources (e.g. legal, medical or financial) that I deem appropriate for your individual circumstance. All fees are agreed upon and paid for at the time of booking and prior to your appointment~ payment secures and confirms your consultation.  Once we have agreed on an appointment time~ I will reserve your place for up to 4 hours after the time of booking.  If however, you are unable to confirm by then, I may offer that time up to another client who may be waiting in the queue.   Priority is always offered to clients on a first come first serve basis and for my clients who have purchased a package, so its best to confirm at the time of booking to guarantee your chosen time. All payments are gratefully received in UK pounds. You are responsible for your own destiny & and have the power of free will to choose. Where some things are certain & can be predicted~ some things however, simply need to remain in the mystery at certain times in our lives for our own higher learning & growth. Your outcome largely depends on you.
 You are welcome to record your session if you wish., a recording will not be provided for you. I do make it a discipline to release the information I receive after every consultation. As I work with so many people, it is not possible to hold on to every detail of every session I ever do! Please be sure to take your own notes during your session if you would like to recall any specifics at a later date, as it is unlikely that I will remember. Consultations are not given to clients aged under 18 years, without the express permission of a parent or carer. Please be sure to coordinate your own country time zone for your consultation at the time of booking. Please note that online consultation prices do vary from in person consultations. In person session prices are location specific, depending on the country and center I am working in. Please contact me directly if you would like to inquire about an in-person appointment.
 In the rare event that I am unable to keep your appointment at the last minute, I will inform you promptly & no fee will be payable, unless you are happy to reschedule.
 In the unlikely event that you are entirely unhappy with your session, 50% of your fee will be refunded if you notify me within 12 hours of your session ending
 For online sessions~ please be patient and allow for the odd little glitch, as can often happen when relying on a wifi connection. I find however, that holding a calm and steady awareness & a positive intention during a call can make all the difference!


In the event that you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please do your very best to provide me with at least two full working days’ notice prior to the session start, and I will endeavor to offer you the same courtesy. Once we have scheduled an appointment time, and you have completed your payment exchange~ this confirms your session or package. It will then be up to you to make sure that you arrive or call at the agreed time for any scheduled appointments. There will be no additional reminders sent beforehand. Appointments cancelled or missed at the last minute without prior notice will incur a cancellation charge of the full cost of the session.


If for whatever reason you are unhappy with, and/or cannot complete your package experience, you will have 14 days from the confirmation start date of your package to inform me. You will then be offered a 100% refund, and any remaining sessions will be cancelled. No refunds will be offered for any cancellations requested after 14 days of the confirmation date. If you have not yet begun your pre booked package and have already paid a deposit, and for whatever reason need to cancel~ please provide me with at least one months prior notice of your package start date, and the whole sum of your deposit will be returned to you. If however I don't receive sufficient notice of cancellation, you agree to forfeit your deposit In the case of any cancellations of packages due to a genuine emergency, you will be refunded 100% of your remaining package at any time.


In order for you to gain the maximum benefit from your session it is essential that you arrive on time. Therefore, it is your responsibility to arrive on time or a few minutes early. Refunds are not given for late arrivals over 30 mins & no-shows, in this case the session will be cancelled, unless there is a genuine emergency


All readings are for entertainment purposes only. All readings are given in good faith but are for guidance only. What you choose to do with the information, including any actions you take, is down to your own personal responsibility & choice, subject to your own interpretation & judgment. I am not a licensed medical practitioner, nor do I claim to be qualified as a legal or financial adviser. Please use your own discretion and intuition at all times when receiving any psychic or spiritual guidance, from me or anybody else for that matter! By purchasing an appointment with me or taking part in a psychic reading or healing, you agree to these terms.

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